Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The start

In the beginning... (are you waiting for thunder claps and lightening? wow that would be one seriously cool effect.. but alas this is a blog, so its not gonna happen... too bad huh?) Ok.. in the beginning, well the start goes back further, but let's start with what was the beginning (in 10 years to come) of me. We will start with Walter Erich Claassen, Jr. and Elizabeth Rita Wawryk (Claassen). My mom and dad were the most unheard of couple ever, they loved each other... not just loved but were in love. They are what I think what every married couple should be. I don't remember ever seeing my parents fight til in the late 70s and nowadays that is rather unheard of, I know for a fact my kids have seen me fight with my ex husband and my current husband. Mom and Dad were neighbors in New York, growing up across the street from each other, they knew each other, but didn't have a spark lit, until Nana helped out (God Bless Nana.. .She was one of a kind. She could talk to you for five minutes and know your life story... I guess I inherited my gift of gab from my Nana, well that and my love of phones. Mom's date to the dance had canceled, and Nana well, being Nana. Opened the door and yelled across to "Walter" (gosh I type that and boy I can hear her voice), she asked him if he would take my mom to the dance. (I think of this and think of Stephanie my 16 year old who would be MORTIFIED if I did this, but I guess back in the 1950's it was ok). So, dad agreed to take mom (obviously), and the rest as they say is history... (we are ignoring the fact that on the first date, he asked another woman to be his girlfriend.. her name was Patricia.. ironic huh?.. but apparently dad figured out he had the better woman). Mom and dad started dating and then they courted through my dad going to West Point. They were married June 10, 1961 and lived a wonderful life together, until dad passed away too early and way too young on July 26, 1999. How I hated seeing my mother lose my father, how i hated losing my father. But to watch her as she stood watch at his casket during his wake, she wouldn't leave his side. She stood by him as she had for so many years in life, she stood by his body for his last few days before we buried him with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetary. The love of her life was gone, and now she waits each day, praying for it to be over as she waits for the time they will once again meet again. The only thing that holds her up is her family, and knowing that someday, hopefully far from now, she will return to my father's arms.

Friday, June 6, 2008


My family.... we are a unique group of people. There really isn't much more to say then that. Wow that would make this blog really short huh? Ok.. ok I lied. .there is alot to say, some of it is so funny you will be in stitches, some of it is sad and you will reach for kleenexes, but in the end what you will read is my life, for better or worse, in sickness and health and all that jazz.

Now where to begin... first of all let's start with an introduction. Who are you and why are you reading my blog? Sorry.. wrong direction, its the mom in me. I am Patricia Marie Claassen Glover Mapes, my parents are Walter and Elizabeth (Walt and Betty to be less formal) and I have four brothers.. the eccentric Walter III, the Twins Gregory and David, and the ever moving Micheal. (ok again less formal Rip, Gregg, David and Mike). We have spouses and former spouses..and children galore. Let's start with me... I was married to GW (no thats not his real name.. he's Gordon Warner) together we had Matthew (he passed away 20 hours after he was born), then Stephanie, Daniel, Andrew, and Mary. (Steph, Danny, AJ, Mary) .. we divorced....and I got married to Chuck together we have David and Emily. Yes, I am done. . Yes I do own a TV.. and Yes I also know what causes it. (it just took me a LONG time to figure it out) Gregg was married to Dena but they got divorced as well, they have five children, Mark, Keith, Kristina, Joshua and Jonathan. Mike is married to Dana and they have Caleb.

Ok still with me? Good! Now you have met the cast of characters for the story, keep in mind more people will make appearances but for now these are the main characters, I hope you're ready because there will be a quiz later.